20th Tri State Junior Open Chess Tournament

Jan 6 2018 - Jan 6 2018
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Join the fun and excitement of a large chess competition! We have different sections so you only play others at your own level. There are many trophies and ribbons, but more importantly, it’s a great workout for your mind and perhaps a chance to make new friends who also enjoy chess.
5 Sections: (Kids are automatically placed in the correct section by official Jan ratings, or play up by request).
Grades K-3 Beginner: Open to Kids Rated Under 375 & Unrated in Grades K to 3
Grades 4-12 Beginner: Open to Kids Rated Under 375 in Grades 4-12 & Unrated in Grades 4-6
Advanced Beginner: Open to Kids Rated 375 to 599 in all Grades & Unrated in Grades 7-12
Intermediate: Open to Kids Rated 600 to 900 in all Grades
Championship: Open to Kids who are Rated 900 all over in all Grades
Sections may be combined or split to balance section sizes. Changes will be posted on youthchess.net.
Registration info: Entry is $20 if postmarked by 12/23; add $5 late fee later. Entires are accepted until 1/6/18. Cancellations after 12/23 are nonrefundable. No on-site registration. USCF membership is required.
*Open to anyone in Grades K-12; Pittsburgh residence is NOT required